Beacher; a long, curling wave of the Ocean.

Beacher is a concept that arose from an adventurous mindset and inspiring trips around the world. The founder of Beacher, Christina grew up in Denmark so she was always close to the Ocean. Throughout her life she has always been travelling and lived an active lifestyle. With her adventures, she discovered that she needed a washable bag that could carry all her things, which she could bring with her everywhere. These needs became vital for the establishment of Beacher.

At the core of the Beacher concept are functionality and chicness. All products are designed to be washable, spacious, light and stylish to match the needs of individuals with active lifestyle. Beacher creates practical products that can be used for various occasions. The design is minimalistic and inspired by a hunger for adventures and a love for beaches.

The products of Beacher are made by hand which is the reason why the following must be noticed when considering buying products.

  • The products should not be stored under heavy compression
  • The strap will become more flexible/soft after use
  • The products are made of soft neoprene therefore all sharp items should be carried on its own responsibility
  • Washing your products is at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any damage that may happen during or after washing. We recommend that you follow washing instructions within and make sure to always wash your Beacher in a net as the washing machine otherwise will ruin the handles.


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